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Driver’s License Restoration

Driver's License Restoration Lawyers

Obtaining your Michigan driver’s license after two or more drinking and driving convictions can seem like an impossible task. The most recent Driver’s License Appeal Rates that this office has received from the Secretary of State shows 10,925 hearing requests of which approximately 50% or 5,356 of those people were outright denied.

Of the remaining 50%:

  • 3,544 people had a modification of their revocation, which generally means a restricted driver’s license with an interlock, and
  • 2,025 got their full licenses back, which normally means they had a restricted license with an interlock for at least one year.

Our attorneys have handled driver's license restoration cases for over 30 years and know all the pitfalls that one can experience in seeking restoration of a driver’s license. If you want to get your driver’s license, you will need to maximize your chances. Clients with a skilled attorney have a far better success rate than those statistics mentioned above.

The best way of doing that is by contacting our attorneys who can help you throughout the process. By clicking below, you can view one of our YouTube videos which discusses driver’s license appeal basics. You need a competent attorney to guide you through this very complex process.

Our clients have an over 90% success rate in restoring their driver’s license, with only 1 in 10 needing to resend their case.

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