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Rules All Cyclists Should Know

It’s almost cycling season! And that means it’s time to discuss bicycle and E-Bike rules. Fun fact: our own attorney Greg Demopoulous is an avid cyclist. Just last year, he rode over 4k miles! And with those miles, there have been a few close calls with non-observant motorists. As you can imagine, this gives us…
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What is Collaborative Divorce?

As it’s quickly becoming one of the most well-documented and sought-after forms of collaborative law, it is important to pause and truly consider what is meant by the term “collaborative divorce.” Here’s our take on this expansive issue, and the key aspects to better understanding both the risks and the rewards proceeding along a path…
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Recent case highlights issue of probable cause

A recent case known as “People vs. Collins” has brought up an important issue as it relates to probable cause for law enforcement when stopping a motor vehicle. Because of the lesson learned, the team of experts at Bennett & Demopoulos believe this is a case worthy of looking at more closely. In “People vs.…
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Welcome to our new website!

We would like your feedback on what you would like to see in our website to better serve you. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We should note that with the current COVID situation some courts are not allowing anyone in the courthouse and others are allowing some appearances in court. If you have a question…
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